Sunday, February 27, 2011

I get by with help from my friends!

I am so lucky to have the best friends and the best boyfriend! When I told them about my acceptance they were all so happy for me! My best friend Rachel and I went out for a celebratory lunch at Harry's Chocolate Shop, we had such a great day! We watched a Disney movie, relaxed and just a had a good time with both of our bfs. We all hung out played games and celbrated life! I think that is the best thing that we can do, because life is so important! We have a lot to celebrate, me and my internship, Rachel got her job at the JW Marriot which is great, the four of us are going to Las Vegas with one of our other favorite people Greg, Rachel and I will both be graduating in a couple short months, we are all in love, and we have a fantastic group of friends!
Currently I am watching the Oscars, what great stuff, I love movies! Congrats Toy Story 3 for the best animated film win! While watching the Oscars, I am also working on random projects for school mostly 492 food lab ugh as well as Eta Sigma Delta stuff and working on my graduation video. I have decided to compile a video that will encompass some things from my High School, College Career, and life in general. I have loved making this video, I have always had a passion for piecing together little videos like this, and I love looking at old pictures with High School friends and my family! I am going to miss all of them a lot, but I cannot wait to start on this new chapter of my life! I am excited for this summer though, I get to spend it at home, which I wasn't able to do last summer, but I get to see 3 of my best friends get married, go to a family reunion, and spend some time with the best parents and friends in the entire world! Tomorrow my mom is coming to visit which I am really excited about we will get to talk about Disney all day! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Accepted:

So I applied for the Disney College Program as soon as I could in February. Let me explain my obsession with Disney. The first time I ever went there was when I was 2 years old, I remember my parents sitting me down and telling me that we were going and I wanted to see Piglet. I have gone several times since then, but one of my favorite times that I went was when I was 10 and went on the Disney cruise, we got to spend an entire week in the parks, while in the parks I got the chance to "drive" the Jungle Cruise boat. For a 10 year old that was huge, one of my favorite memories there! Another favorite memory of mine is when I went to Disneyland for the first time with my boyfriend, it was a great experience, just the two of us enjoying Disney. Now Brent (my bf) does not quite get my Disney obsession, but he goes with it.
Anyways, back to applying, I have known that I wanted to work with Disney most of my life and now that I am getting ready to graduate fro Purdue University, this was when I needed to make my big decision. So, I applied and watched the E-presentation, maybe I'm a nerd, but I actually liked watching the videos! After I applied I was given a phone number to call and set up my interview. I was really excited for my interview, and after going through that I had to wait 3-4 weeks to find out if I got in or not!
Well, it just so happens this Tuesday, after a horrible day in my food lab, I recieved notifictaion that I was accepted into the Disney College Program! I was so excited, I had no idea what to do. I was pacing back and forth throughout my apartment trying to call my mom and tell her the good news! It was so great talking to her, because she understands my passion!
Over the next couple days I found out more about the program, and accepted it today actually! I'm super excited to start my new life! I wish I could start sooner than August, but I have 3 really good friends getting married and I wouldn't miss either of their weddings for for the world! This will also give me chance to basically say my goodbyes to most of my family. I'm soexcited I want it to be here already, ahhhhhh DISNEY!!!!!! Love it! I will update this every once and a while on my happening with what will go on during my couple of months in college and what my summer plans are, but most of my posts will be while I'm at Disney!
PS: 5 months and 4 days!