Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So it is official, I have graduated from college and now am off to the real world... this summer has been kind of crazy...I have watched 3 of my best friends get married, worked a lot at the movie theatre, gone to St. Louis for a Cardinals v. Reds game, and prepared to leave for Florida.
It is crazy growing up, going to my friends weddings has been unreal, it seems like just yesterday I was in elementary, junior high, or highschool with some of them. But it has also been so amazing to see these people begin their new lives together. I have found since being home that I have become a lot more independent, it has been really hard to transition from living on my own to living with two or three other people. I have become accustomed to not having to share with people where I am going, sometimes not even talking at all after I have gotten home. Somedays it is nice but on others I would just like some peace and quiet. Anyways, I keep telling myself everytime I find it hard, that this is the last summer I will be home.....when I think about this I am happy but at the same times it is kind of scary.
Only 4 1/2 weeks until I leave for Florida, I am really looking forward to my roadtrip with my mom down to Orlando. My mom is a big fan of Harry Potter, I always make fun of her and give her a hard time about it, but I am really looking forward to visiting the new park at Universal with her. I still have no idea who my roomate will be, but I have signed up for two of the Disney classes. I am going to be taking their Advanced Hospitality course as well as there Creativity and Innovation course, I am really looking forward to taking both of these courses. I hope these courses will give me an edge with my future!

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